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Customizing Your Outdoor Shower Towers

Each of our Outdoor Shower Towers are built to order and are outfitted with one to six user “stations.” A “station” is a control valve and a shower nozzle or a control valve and a foot wash nozzle located on one of the six panels around the tower. We have created water saving outdoor shower design that uses self-closing control vales to eliminate excess water when a valve is not in use.

We offer multiple water saving outdoor shower designs, it will depend on you needs for which shower will work best for you. Some common examples we often see are orders of the “three station” Outdoor Shower Towers, with two shower “stations” and one foot wash “station”. Depending on your site, you may want the two shower stations on one side of the tower and the foot wash station on the other side. If you need to serve lots of users quickly, one of our “six station” Outdoor Shower Towers would best fit your needs, with four shower stations and two foot wash stations. These are just some of our water saving outdoor shower options that are available. For more options refer to the diagram below to help visualize the configuration possibilities.


Our water saving outdoor shower towers are available in three standard colors:
Standard colors are part of the pricing shown on our Order Form / Price List sheet.

Outdoor Shower Towers

Custom colors for Outdoor Shower Towers are provided for a charge of $125.00 per tower. Many custom colors have been previously mixed, including various shades of Blue, Green, Coral, Teal, Red, etc. More than likely, we have a pre-mixed color that would be suitable for most applications.

For architecturally specified sites, we can match any color if a color swatch is provided.


Other Options for Outdoor Shower Towers

Control Valve Height:
Control valves can be centered on the tower at a 50” height, or they can be located at an ADA acceptable 48” height. (photo)

Hose Bib:
hose bib can be installed on the tower to help make maintenance of the shower area more convenient. Hose bibs are polished chrome plated brass construction with a removable tee key handle. The hose bib would be installed on the lower flat panel of the tower at a charge of $75.00. (photo)

50” Shower nozzles:
A shower nozzle can be placed in the center panel of the tower if desired. This is popular for a “kids” shower station. The control valve for the 50” shower nozzle control valve for the 50” shower nozzle must be placed on the adjacent center panel, either side, since there’s not enough space for both the valve and the nozzle on the same panel. (photo)

Manual Control Valve:
A manual on / off control valve may be substituted for the push button, self-closing valve.

This valve comes with a star handled control cartridge that must be turned manually on and off.

Custom water saving outdoor shower - Made to order
You can customize your Shower Tower to any configuration you like. Use the buttons below and the images to the left and right to help you visualize the possibilities.

Station 1
None Shower Foot Hose Bib

Station 2
None Shower Foot Hose Bib

Station 3
None Shower Foot Hose Bib

Station 4
None Shower Foot Hose Bib

Station 5
None Shower Foot Hose Bib

Station 6
None Shower Foot Hose Bib

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