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Friday, 04 June 2010 09:43

Order Your Shower Tower

Prices vary depending on the number of user “stations” to be installed on the Shower Tower. A “station” is a control valve operating a shower nozzle or a control valve operating a foot-wash nozzle. Each Shower Tower is custom made to order. Choices include the number and location of user “stations“, desired valve height and hose bib; standard colors or custom color.
Use this form to describe your order. Simply print out a copy, and indicate where you’d like to have the outdoor shower and/or foot-wash stations located on the tower. If a hose bib is desired, indicate which lower panel you’d like it placed on. Tell us what color is preferred and of course, how many towers you need.

Simply click the above image to open the PDF form. Once its filled in, fax it or mail it to:

970 Country Club Road
Sanford, FL 32773

Fax: 407-328-9942

Thanks for choosing Shower Tower!

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