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Outdoor Shower Technical Details

diagramOn this page you'll find details about the construction of our outdoor shower systems for the column and plumbing fixtures. The diagram to the right (a link to a PDF form) will draw out the Shower Tower's dimensions.
maintenenceMaintenance/Service & Repair/Parts

Click the image to the left to review a printable PDF with this information on it.

Outdoor Shower Column Information

  • Constructed of high-grade polymer. Tough, non-porous plastic won’t rust or corrode.
  • Periodic cleaning maintains a brand new look for years and years.
  • Multi-layered construction consists of a polymer plumbing sleeve, approximately 9” inside diameter, is inserted inside the molded, colored, exterior shell with a foam filler injected between the two pieces.
  • Dimensions as diagramed.
  • flat plumbing fixture panels, hexagonal in shape, occur at 26” height for foot wash and hose bib placement, 50” height for control valve placement, and near the top at 73” height for shower nozzle placement.
  • Round portions of the column are rough textured to discourage carving and engraving.
  • Anchor hole areas are recessed below the top of the mounting flange to help keep mounting hardware away from bare feet.
  • Impact resistant to minus 40 degrees F.
  • UV stabilized, molded in colors won’t fade.
  • Colors molded through the entire shell. Nicks and scratches don’t show when they occur. Undesirable cuts, engraving, etc., can be heat blended away with careful use of butane torch.
  • To remove mineral deposits, calcium buildup, dirt, etc., use Limeaway or other household cleansers with a non-abrasive brush or pad. Extend the life of the tower and keep it sparkling, by periodically applying a non-petroleum based oil such as lemon oil.

Outdoor Shower Plumbing Fixtures

Control valves are Symmons Industries “Shower-off” valves. Brass and chrome-plated brass components with push button operation. Adjustable run times from approximately 5 seconds to 90 seconds.

  • One temperature operation. Tempered water must be mixed prior to supply line feed.
  • Easy maintenance. Few moving parts.
  • Stainless steel, vandal resistant fasteners.
  • Stops on each valve to allow service to individual “stations” without shutting down the entire facility.
  • Parts are available through Shower Tower, Inc. or your local plumbing wholesaler.
  • Plumbing must be “winterized” in cold climates to avoid freeze damage. Remove push button cartridges, drain, or treat like any outdoor plumbing that requires protection.
  • For service and maintenance procedures and parts list, see Valve Cleaning and Service page.

Shower and Foot wash nozzles are Bradley Corp. severe service, heavy duty fixtures are mounted on the flat panels at the top and bottom of the tower. Shower nozzles are set at 73“ and foot-washes at 26“. For special configurations, a shower nozzle can be set at a 50” height.

  • Chrome plated brass construction.
  • Recessed nozzles leave little to grab onto, quite vandal resistant.
  • Adjustable spray pattern, from fine mist to jet spray, is achieved with a 1/8” Allen screw in nozzle tip.
  • Stainless steel, Allen head fasteners.
  • 2.5 gallon per minute maximum flow per nozzle.

Plumbing manifold is constructed of brass fittings and 5/8” braided, high pressure potable water hose.

  • 5/8” flair fittings connect manifold to control valves.
  • 3/4” female hose thread fitting at connection point to your supply line.

Your water supply should be stubbed up anywhere from 4”-12” above the mounting pad, with a 3/4” male hose thread fitting. Line should supply a minimum of 20 GPM @ 60 PSI.

Clean plumbing fixtures with any non-abrasive cleanser. Protect with “Sheila Shine” stainless steel cleaner.

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